There is so much to celebrate in 2012,
Celebrate with Makendoo.

run painting and making workshops for children all over the UK,  adding colour, creativity and an instant carnival atmosphere to every event.  At our drop in workshops up to 260 children (and adults) of all ages can join in the fun, painting and making spectacular hats, masks and banners to take home.

Makendoo have devised a range of fabulous new workshops to help you celebrate 2012 as well as our classic themes such as Carnival, Jungle and Pirates. 

The Olympic Torch Relay: On the 19th of May the Olympic flame arrives at Lands End. If you are one of the many communities participating in its epic journey across the UK our Olympic Torch making workshop is a perfect way to get involved. Makes include Olympic Torches, Union Jacks, and a variety of Olympic themed flags and banners so every one has something to wave as they cheer the torch bearers on their way.

The Queens Jubilee. Planning a street party or event to commemorate the Jubilee? Every one will enjoy making our Union Jack hats, flags, crowns, banners and more, lasting souvenirs of the royal occasion.

The Olympics and the ParaOlympics. There are more opportunities to wave the flag with out Team GB flag and hats, Olympic lions etc or if you just feel like like celebrating everything our classic carnival workshop is hard to beat. 

Lantern Workshops and Lantern parades. Makendoo can now offer fantastic lantern making workshops adding a glittering touch of magic to evening events. We can either work with closed groups to make substantial parade lanterns or run a simple drop in workshop during your event  making small  colourful lanterns that kids of all ages will be proud to own. 

Lantern Parade

IMG_1652_2Olympic torch9